Who We Are

Federation of Fisheries Organizations Uganda (FFOU) is anon Profit-Making
Organization Umbrella body for all non-state actors in Fisheries Sub-sector, initially
formed by Twenty-Five (25) member Fisheries Associations including Aquaculture/
Aquaponics and Seven
(7) Co-operative Societies which brought together all Community Fisheries
Businesses for bargaining power, advocacy and to ensure self-monitoring (quality
and compliance), protecting the environment around lake shores, promote safe
water bodies, sanitation, and responsible fishing while promoting the sustainable
development goals (SDGS) set by the United Nations to eradicate poverty, hunger,

Our Approach


To promote ethical fishing practices and sustainable development of the fisheries sector in Uganda for improved livelihood the alleviation of poverty and contribution to the food basket.


To be the leading national Fisheries Federation in coordinating sustainable and ethical fishing practices in Uganda.

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