Specialized in Aquaculture management and sustainable development. With the challenges of over fishing, we train our members and the general public on modern practices of domestic fish farming.
FFOU participates in the promotion and production of farmed fish to supplement on the capture fisheries production and this can be done best by planning Increased fish production and sustainable development of aquaculture and Aquaponics among fish farming communities in Uganda.

Strategic objective

Increased fish production and sustainable development of aquaculture and Aquaponics among fish farming communities.


Provide fish farming training of 200 interested groups within our membership.

Set up a FFOU center for technical training, research and demonstration in line with fish hatching and breeding.

Encourage/promote co-operatives among aquaculture fish farmers for easy access to relevant information and financial resources.

Sensitize catch fisher folks to diversify towards aquaculture and Aquaponics by way of introducing fish cages.

Promote aquaculture activities within fishing communities.

Provide technical support for establishment of fishponds and cages.

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