Legislation, Policies & Human Rights

Expertise in fisheries legislation, policies, and human rights advocacy. It is the practice of FFOU, its partners and members to advocate for good policies, and stand against any bad laws that may be imposed to the Fishery at all time. This is done in partnership with stakeholders in the sector to identify gaps and together propose for Action to Government and the Law enforcers.

Strategic objective

The consultant explain more about FFOU to the participates.

To have informed fisheries communities on fisheries related policies, regulations and human Rights.


Sensitize communities on the existing policies and regulations in the sector and the benefits of being compliant.

Promote human rights and fishing rights of the fisher folk through awareness campaigns.

Collaborate with government and fisheries co-management bodies in provision of information relevant to fisher communities

Train trainers and community counsellors in respective communities on compliance.

Conduct legal clinics (services) in partnership with law and human rights CBOs.

Partner with research institutions for awareness on non-compliance implications.

Carry out stake holder’s dialogue on current issues in the subsector.

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