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Expertise in fisheries legislation, policies, and human rights advocacy. It is the practice of FFOU, its partners and membership to advocate for good policies, and stand against any bad policies that may be imposed to the Fishery at all time. This is done in partnership with stakeholders in the sector to identify gaps and together propose for Action to Government and the Law enforcers.



Specialized in aquaculture management and sustainable development. With the challenges of over fishing, we train our members and the general public on modern practices of domestic fish farming.
FFOU plans to participate in the promotion and production of farmed fish to supplement on the capture fisheries production and this can be done best by planning Increased fish production and sustainable development of aquaculture and Aquaponics among fish farming communities in Uganda


Integration Of ICT

Federation of Fisheries Organizations Uganda (FFOU) developed ABAVUBI Fisher Mobile App. The ABAVUBI app as an appropriate emerging remedy provides effective assistance to this situation. The application allows the fisher folk to keep track, easily and securely collect, store and analyze business and fisheries data. In addition to that, the app also gives the user access to weather forecasts, market information and navigation data. All these aspects are aimed at building stronger fish businesses, improve market access and strengthen the role of the fishing communities in co-management of the water resources.


Capacity Building

Empowering individuals and organizations through skill enhancement programs. Federation Of Fisheries Organizations Uganda (FFOU) recognizes the need to ensure adoption of best business practices in the sector through capacity building of Fisher folk. This is done to improve their business management and implementation. We offer Business Development Services trainings and advisory services which come in four main tracks of Entrepreneurship, Financial management, Fish handling and Responsible fisheries.


Climate Change

Climate change action to protect the eco-system.  FFOU encourages efficient and eco-friendly use of land resources, through organic farming, protection of fragile eco-systems such as wetlands, increasing the coverage of green spaces and encouraging sustainable building practices


HIV/AIDS, Malaria & TB

To increase adoption of safer sexual behavior among the Fisherfolk.
To scale up coverage of comprehensive HIV/AIDS services through increased access and utilization of services among the fisherfolk and high risk groups in fishing community.
To strengthen the capacity of FFOU in HIV programming for improved delivery of HIV and AIDS services to Fisherfolk and other high risk groups by end.
To strengthen regional coordination and referral linkages for improved HIV and AIDS service delivery among the fisherfolk.

“Through FFOU, I can now access free ARVS and condoms”

– Saudah Namusoke

Fish seller in Masese landing site

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