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Our Story

With over a decade of industry experience, Federation of Fisheries Organizations Uganda is a leading non-profit dedicated to promoting ethical and sustainable fishing practices in Uganda.
Currently, FFOU has grown to a total number of one hundred and thirty one (131) member associations. This gives the organization opportunity to coordinate and build capacity of their membership for a viable fisheries sub-sector.
Our programmes include; Legislation, Aquaculture, Integration of ICT, Capacity Building for Women & Youth, Climate Change, HIV/AIDS, Malaria & TB, and Raising a Girl Child.
FFOU works with strategic partners such as GIZ Responsible Fisheries Business Chain Project (RFBCP)-Uganda, Food and Agricultural Organizations (FAO Uganda), Directorates of Fisheries Under the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), Uganda Co -operative Alliance and Uganda Fisheries and other national associations within the region to promote responsible fishing by guiding its members to comply with an agreed ethical code of conduct to observe the fishing standards and the national laws all through the work process.

Ezra Kanyana

Our Core Values


Ensuring integrity and honesty in all our interactions for a better future. Integrity is the foundation on which FFOU builds its relationships, honesty, loyalty and dependability with partners, co-workers, and stakeholders.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Commitment to effective fishing practices that benefit livelihoods and ecosystems. FFOU aims at obtaining the best possible outcome in the least wasteful manner by maintaining dynamic, relevant policies and procedures while consistently supporting quality workforce.


FFOU values the ability of our staff and organization to honor our commitments, to clients and to each other. We take ownership of our work and promptly correct mistakes to the greatest extent possible.


FFOU is committed to innovation and excellence in service, putting in mind quality, respect, confidentiality and privacy, protection of intellectual property rights, technical literacy, stewardship, and social obligation.

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Our Mandates

RacheL Nassozi Ntulume

Executive Director


We exist to have informed fisheries communities on fisheries related policies, regulations and human rights. We sensitize communities on the existing polices and regulations in the sector and the benefits of being compliant. We promote human rights and fishing rights of the fisher folk through awareness campaigns. We collaborate with government and fisheries co-management bodes in provision of information relevant to fisher communities. We conduct legal clinics in partnership with law and human rights. We partner with research institutions for awareness on compliance implications. We carry out stakeholder’s dialogue on current issues in the sub sector

Resource Mobilization

Identifying and engaging with donors: Donors play an important role in financing FFOU activities and to support in the implementation. FFOU intends to strategically and proactively engage with potential and current donors, build and maintain strong relationships, and to identify win-win opportunities. Partnering with local and international NGOs: Working in collaboration with like minded local and international NGOs to share knowledge and for joint project implementation to achieve common goals, is among FFOU mandate as an umbrella Organization. FFOU will identify those Organizations and their interest and engage them to agree on areas of collaboration. Membership contributions: FFOU core mandate is to serve its members and the members do in return provide resources to the Organization, which can be financial but also non-financial resources such as knowledge, networks they have or as volunteers. The members will be actively engaged to benefit from these resources. Organizing events: Events meet multiple purposes which are to achieve the mandate as an umbrella Organization, increase the visibility, and can also contribute to the generation of financial resources through sponsors, offering exhibition space for a fee, entrance fees, donations, etc. FFOU intends to organize a fish festival to achieve all those purposes. Government engagements: Engaging with the governments is not only essential to achieve organizational goals and objectives but also generating non-financial and potentially financial resources. FFOU will strategically work with the government and identify synergies.


FFOU coordinates all non state actors (fisheries, Associations, organizations and cooperative societies) in the sector to enable them work together to effectively achieve their work together to effectively achieve their set planned goals for the development of the sector and national development goals.


FFOU has been instrumental in transforming the fisheries sector in Uganda

Ivan Baliluno
Fisherman in Bwaise

I have been empowered to run and grow my business through the Business Development services trainings that were offered by FFOU

Eve Katushabe
Fish seller

Through Federation Of Fisheries Organizations Uganda i have come to know my rights as a fisher man.

Mark Sekitoleko
Boat owner

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