Integration Of ICT

Federation of Fisheries Organizations Uganda (FFOU) developed ABAVUBI Fisher Mobile App. The application allows the fisher folk to keep track, easily and securely collect, store and analyze business and fisheries data. The app also gives the user access to weather forecasts, market information and navigation data. All these aspects are aimed at building stronger fish businesses, improve market access and strengthen the role of the fishing communities in co-management of the water resources.

Strategic objective:

Enhanced market linkages and improved access to information relevant to the fisheries business chain through a mobile application.


Develop Abavubi mobile application with modules that provide solutions to intended users’ current challenges.

Build capacity of the fisheries business chain stake holders on use of the app.

Sensitize fisheries groups to appreciate the Abavubi mobile App services.

Train IT administrators within fishing com munities to extend technical assistance.

Set up a call Centre with a toll-free help line in support of the app services.

Conduct campaigns on safety on the lake and market linkages.

Carry out surveys on consumer satisfaction and app services appreciation

Constantly upgrade the mobile app to suit user needs in the dynamic business environment

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